MOL Group Launches Freshhh 2014 Competition for University and College Students

  •  Registration for MOL Group’s Freshhh 2014 competition opens today and concludes on April 7, 2014 at
  • Freshhh is an international online oil & gas industry student competition
  • Three-member teams compete for altogether 20,000 Euro prize

MOL Group launches its one of a kind international competition again this year. Student groups from universities and colleges are competing not only for fun, but also for 20,000 Euros and a possible career. The competition starts today, and registrations are accepted by April 7 via

Since 2007, MOL Group has organized one of the biggest international competitions in the oil and gas industry called Freshhh. The program aims at attracting and developing new talents within the operation of the company and making young people one of the strongest pillars of the Group. In the last seven years, 10 000 students with 3 500 teams from 250 universities in 70 countries competed within the frames of the program. Many of them are now successful employees of MOL Group all over the world.

The competition consists of three rounds where entrants have to compete in a virtual scenario through the internet by solving industrial and strategic tasks developed by MOL Group. The best 40 teams from the first round have a chance to qualify for the Strategy Simulation round where they face gas station simulation and have to make proper decisions based on careful market analysis. The third round is the live final in Budapest, where the top Steams compete for the main prize. The best three teams win 20,000 Euros (9,000 Euros for the winning team, 7,000 Euros for the second and 4,000 Euros for the third one) and the opportunity to join the graduate recruitment and development program of MOL Group. The performance of the teams is judged by a jury consisting of senior MOL Group managers. This year, Freshhh mostly focuses on refinery, logistics and strategy.

About the competition

Who can apply?

The Freshhh competition is designed for university and college students. All team members must be currently enrolled in university or college education. PhD students are allowed to participate in the competition as well. The tasks will focus on the oil and gas industry; therefore it is advised to have practicality oriented members in the team.

How to apply?

Teams of three can register at The registration period closes at 12:00 PM GMT on 7 April 2014.

MOL Group Launches its Growww 2014 Program

  • Growww, MOL Group’s award-winning global graduate recruitment and development program, calls for applications
  • MOL Group hires more than 250 top talents annuallyvia its Growww program
  • Growww positions are available at 25 MOL Group companies in 11 countries

MOL Group launches its global award-winning graduate recruitment and development program again this year. The company hires more than 250 top talents via Growww at 25 MOL Group companies in 11 countries.

This is the eighth consecutive year that MOL Group offers graduates a unique opportunity through Growww, a global graduate recruitment and development program, to start their career at an international company, gain work experience under professional guidance and prove themselves in a cross-cultural working environment. The company offers more than 250 Growww group-level positions from engineering, business, IT and natural sciences to social sciences. This year, positions for Growwwers are open at 25 MOL Group member companies in 11 countries including Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Iraq, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Growww program offers 8 available positions in MOL Romania, in Logistics, Retail Sales & Marketing, Corporate Services, HR, Sales &Supply departments, located in Bucharest or Cluj. Detailed job descriptions will be posted on on the 17th of March 2014. The applications can be sent to the following e-mail address between 17th of March and 2nd of May, 2014.

Young graduates from Romania can apply also for the positions announced for the other 10 MOL Group countries (Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Iraq, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia). For details and continuous updates about the program, please visit the Growww Facebook page at

“Careers in engineering and natural sciences ore less popular with youngsters these days, and we believe that it is of utmost importance to support top talents in these fields, and give them the opportunity to evolve and develop in on environment that serves them best. We hove employed 1,350 Growwwers since we started the program in 2007 and a number of our managers in all countries are coming from the Growww population. 20% of former program participant have been promoted vertically through the organization, which means that we chose the best applicants” — said Zdravka Demeter Bubalo, HR Vice President of MOL Group.

“Growww program for me is perhaps one of the best educational projects for young people with potential You have the possibility to understand the business and grow in a professional environment. l started from zero, but l had the opportunity to gain information and knowledge from the best. It was not easy, but I adopted to team needs because I work in o professional, open and creative environment and each contributor counts”, said Robert Mariţa, Sales Assistant of MOL Romania, former Growww participant.

For continuous updates about the program, please visit the Growww Facebook page at